Da Nang City

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Da Nang 3Apr14-

Panaroma of Da Nang city (20″, f10, 24mm, ISO 125)

 Da Nang – A vivid city

It is amazing to have a panorama from a rooftop of a high-rise building downto an impressive city. Da Nang city is well known as its glorious proud of beauty. Located along sides of Han river, Da Nang city is lit up with fantastic colours as its rich culture. Used to be called as Tourance during french colony, Da Nang has attracted the attention of its dramatic growth. The city is being filled up with remarkable designed bridges passing over the Han river. It is a perfect place to make photography of the bridge designs and local life at this place

Da Nang  3Apr14-4425

DaNang by Night (15″, f10, 30mm, ISO 200)

Da Nang 1

Drangon Bridge (15″, f10, 30mm, ISO 200)

Da Nang 2

Nguyen Thi Ly Bridge (20″, f10, 30mm, ISO 200)

Da Nang 3

Thuan Phuoc Bridge (1/200″, f8, 35mm, ISO 200)

Fishing village

On the other side of Han river, life at beach starts before the sunrise. Fishermen are in groups to catch fish with nets. Further offshore, men on conical boats transfer the fresh fish from the fishing boats which are coming back after a night. At shore, hundreds of women are purchasing and packaging the fishes on the motorbikes to transfer to other local markets.

Da Nang 4

Fishing at beach (1/100″, f8, 35mm, ISO 400)

Da Nang 6

Fishing at beach (1/120″, f8, 24mm, ISO 400)

Da Nang 5Transportation (1/125″, f5.6, 35mm, ISO 400)

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