Author: Tran L.B Quoc

Behind the Stage – “Hat Cheo” performance in Vietnam

“Cheo” is a form of generally satirical musical theatre, often encompassing dance, traditionally performed by Vietnamese peasants in northern Vietnam. It is usually performed outdoors by semi-amateur touring groups, stereotypically in a village square or the courtyard of a public building, although it is today increasingly also performed indoors and […]

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Monks in Tra Vinh, Vietnam

Tra Vinh is one of the prettiest towns in the Mekong Delta. A numerous Khmer pagodas have been built in the province. There are about 300,000 ethnic Khmer living in Tra Vinh who speak fluent Vietnamese. The Khmer culture has been parts of Vietnam beauty. These pagodas have […]

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Lung Phin Market – Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Sunset in MeoVac, Ha Giang (ISO 200, f8.0, 70mm, 1/200) A magnificient mountainous area of Ha Giang province, MeoVac is one of the most attractive places at wild beauties and rich cultures in the Northern part of Vietnam. It is truly amazing to visit one […]


Phan Rang – Landscapes and People

Stunning sunrise on the dune, land of Phan Rang has been lit up by the beams of sun. Located in the South of Central Vietnam, Phan Rang is a sandy soil with the flora of poinciana trees and cacti. It is well-known as the production […]