Buon Ma Thuot

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BMT 17Apr14-2659
Sunrise at Yok Don (1/500, F8, 70mm, ISO200)

Life at place

Buon Ma Thuot city is located on the central highland of Vietnam where the main attracted areas are Yok Don National Park, couple of waterfalls and the minority villages. The most ethnic group is Ede living here. Some other hill tribes are Jarai, M’nong and Lao. However, most of them now speak fluently Vietnamese. They are living in the villages and it is gradually assimilated with Vietnamese.
BMT 17Apr14-2617

Ede people at Yokdon (1/80, F2.8, 180mm, ISO200)

BMT 17Apr14-3190

House at Dan Lanh, Yok Don (1/80, F2.8, 180mm, ISO200)

BMT 17Apr14-3225

House at Dan Lanh, Yok Don (1/200, F7.1, 70mm, ISO200)

Landscapes: Trekking through the forest

Photography has been attracted many camera lens on this spot. Trekking through Yokdon forest is unforgettable experience. The park runs all the way up to the border with Cambodia, with the beautiful Srekpok River. It is fortunately to see some Ede kids swimming or local people are fishing along the stream. It makes a simply life there. However, it is very severe weather condition in the dry season April – May. The best trekking time can be highly suggested in October and November when the weather is much cooler.

BMT 17Apr14-2677

Yok Don Lake, Yok Don (1/400, F5.6, 14mm, ISO200)

BMT 17Apr14-3076

Yok Don Forest, Yok Don (1/2500, F4.5, 70mm, ISO200)

BMT 17Apr14-2495

Yok Don Forest, Yok Don (1/400, F2.8, 95mm, ISO200)

BMT 17Apr14-2956

Ede fisherman at Yok Don Forest (1/2500, F2.8, 150mm, ISO200)

Waterfalls and Streams
Geographically, Buon Ma Thuot is located top of the mountain range where a plenty of streams, waterfall, and rivers down to Mekong river. Srepok river is one of the biggest rivers that creates so many peaceful landscapes – particularly scenic waterfalls and streams such as Dray Nur, Dray Sap Falls.
BMT 17Apr14-3250

Dray Nur Fall, (1/2, F13, 38mm, ISO100)

BMT 17Apr14-3153

Yok Don Stream, (1/6, F8, 60mm, ISO100)

BMT 17Apr14-2527




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