A Vibrant City – SaiGon (April 2014)

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SGN 30Apr14-3896

f10, 25″, 15mm, ISO 100

As it is! Ho Chi Minh city – well known as Sai Gon, has been one of the vibrant cities in Vietnam since the last decade. With population of 9 millions of habitants, life in Ho Chi Minh city is moving on through day and night. Here and there, as always, are motors on streets, vendors on every sidewalk, sounds of motors engines, or the yelling of vendors around. Contemporary high-rise buildings are being mushroomed among the old colonized French ones. It makes a unique of Ho Chi Minh city.
SaiGon-0767f11, 15″, 20mm, ISO 200
SGN2f8, 10″, 35mm, ISO 200

Lights are lit up the city as a promise developed city. Magically, the city has attracted many people from all over who have the same ambitions – creation, inspiration, motivation and development – to make it a better and brighter life. Generally, people are happily keeping move forward to build it up. Historically, what “happened” has been closed and turned into the Past. Forwarding to the future, the city has grown dramatically day by day. People are creating and celebrating the new economic achievements.

(celebration on 30 April 2014) f10, 4″, 30mm, ISO 200

SGN 30Apr14-3884f8, 15″, 35mm, ISO 100



SGN 07Jun14-8045f9, 25″, 14mm, ISO 100

Thanks to renovations and change!
We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation” (Jim Rohn).

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